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Chef Pinky

When Seared Pink was founded, meal prep services were still a new concept in the food industry. The idea for Seared Pink came from experiencing a lack of freedom and flavor in existing meal prep options. Chef Pinky believes that maintaining a nutritious diet shouldn't mean compromising on taste. We specialize in creating meals that benefit those with health concerns such as Diabetes, Parkinson's, post-surgery recovery, feeding tube requirements, fitness goals, and more.

Our service combines a fine dining approach with a focus on variety and portion control, demonstrating that healthy meals can be delicious.

In response to increased demand during the pandemic, we expanded our offerings to include catering and personal chef services. Whether you need a meal plan to support your health or a gourmet dining experience at home, Seared Pink provides flavorful, nutritious meals that cater to your unique needs and preferences.

We are also proud to partner with Reaching Beyond Bars, a nonprofit organization, to offer free meals to seniors and families living in motels through our Meals for All program. At Seared Pink, we believe everyone deserves to enjoy the freedom and joy of delicious and healthful eating without barriers. Visit us to learn more about how we can support your dietary needs and bring a touch of fine dining to your everyday life.

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Meet The Team

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Debbie Pullens

Debbie Wells, a seasoned professional with diverse expertise in hospitality, finance, real estate, and non-profit leadership, has woven her rich experience into a vibrant journey alongside her daughter, Chef Pinky, at Seared Pink.

Debbie's remarkable talent for building strong relationships has been a driving force throughout her career. Her warmth and approachability have enabled her to excel across various fields, adapting her approach to each unique challenge.

As Seared Pink's Chief Operating Officer, Debbie's expertise and people-centered approach complement Chef Pinky's culinary prowess. Together, they're poised to elevate Seared Pink's culinary offerings while making a lasting impact on the community.



Chris Thomas

Meet Chris Thomas, the tech wizard behind the scenes at Seared Pink. He's not just your average Chief Technical Officer; he's a proud Georgia State University alumni with a passion for everything techy.

Chris has been on a mission to revolutionize restaurant POS systems for over half a decade. He's the driving force behind the scenes, making sure innovation flows like ketchup at a diner. With a mix of tech brilliance and a deep understanding of what makes restaurants tick, Chris is like the secret sauce that keeps Seared Pink sizzling.

His dedication isn't just about coding and gadgets; it's about ensuring restaurants thrive. He's the go-to guy for ensuring Seared Pink's customers are successful and rocking the industry. Chris Thomas: where tech meets taste, and success is the main dish.

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