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So hello to our Three-Piece Room Spray Set – a delightful ensemble of carefully curated scents designed to transform your living spaces into havens of comfort and elegance. Immerse yourself in the pure essence of nature, with each spray crafted from all-natural fragrances and essential oils.


Include this set in your next meal prep or catering order, and infuse your dining experience with the delightful aromas of Seared Pink. Alternatively, gift this  Set to a loved one, allowing them to transform their own space into a haven of tranquility and beauty. Experience the luxury of our all-natural room sprays, carefully blended to ensure a truly delightful and eco-conscious choice for your home. Explore and let the magic of fragrance enhance your ambiance and elevate your environment.

Luxury Room Spray Set

SKU: 364215375135191
  • 1. Suite Life Room Spray: Embark on a journey of serenity with Suite Life. This enchanting blend of Marine, Jasmine, and Bergamot invites the tranquility of the ocean, the delicate embrace of blooming florals, and the uplifting zest of citrus. Let the Suite Life fragrance envelop your space in a refreshing, soothing aura.


    2. Proper Fall Room Spray: Embrace the coziness of autumn with Proper Fall, a harmonious fusion of Nectar, Peach, Clove, and Apple. The sweet nectar and ripe peaches blend seamlessly with the warmth of clove and the crispness of apple, evoking the comforting ambiance of fall. Let the Proper Fall fragrance imbue your home with the essence of the harvest season.


    3. Thyme Out Room Spray: Energize your surroundings with Thyme Out, a vibrant concoction of Peach, Grapefruit, and Thyme. The juicy peach, zesty grapefruit, and aromatic thyme come together to create a lively and invigorating atmosphere. Allow the Thyme Out fragrance to rejuvenate your space and uplift your senses.