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About Chef Pinky


Chef Pinky's passion for food started at a young age, and she eventually turned it into a world-class culinary career by absorbing techniques while working at fine dining restaurants like Affairs to Remember, Twist, and St. Cecilia under the guidance of Chef Ford Fry. However, she decided to focus on creating healthy cuisines and became a personal chef for The Piedmont at Buckhead after being recruited by a patron of St. Cecilia who noticed her skills. Chef Pinky's focus on special diets has been a natural progression, having worked with clients with various health conditions such as Multiple Food Allergies, Parkinson's Disease, and cancer. As she works with clients, she also educates them on healthy cooking and how to incorporate nutritious foods into their everyday lives. Chef Pinky is committed to learning about the relationship between food, health, and nutrition, and her passion for creating healthy and delicious meals shines through in everything she prepares.

Meet The Team

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Debbie Pullens

Debbie Wells, a seasoned professional with diverse expertise in hospitality, finance, real estate, and non-profit leadership, has woven her rich experience into a vibrant journey alongside her daughter, Chef Pinky, at Seared Pink.

Debbie's remarkable talent for building strong relationships has been a driving force throughout her career. Her warmth and approachability have enabled her to excel across various fields, adapting her approach to each unique challenge.

As Seared Pink's Chief Operating Officer, Debbie's expertise and people-centered approach complement Chef Pinky's culinary prowess. Together, they're poised to elevate Seared Pink's culinary offerings while making a lasting impact on the community.



Chris Thomas

Meet Chris Thomas, the tech wizard behind the scenes at Seared Pink. He's not just your average Chief Technical Officer; he's a proud Georgia State University alumni with a passion for everything techy.

Chris has been on a mission to revolutionize restaurant POS systems for over half a decade. He's the driving force behind the scenes, making sure innovation flows like ketchup at a diner. With a mix of tech brilliance and a deep understanding of what makes restaurants tick, Chris is like the secret sauce that keeps Seared Pink sizzling.

His dedication isn't just about coding and gadgets; it's about ensuring restaurants thrive. He's the go-to guy for ensuring Seared Pink's customers are successful and rocking the industry. Chris Thomas: where tech meets taste, and success is the main dish.

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